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These rates are as of December 6, 2018, and are for informational purposes only and may not be the actual rate available in-store.

Change USD to CND: 1.2951

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Change CND to USD: 1.3751

Currency Cash
This currency is good at the Atlantic Travel Centre and Woodstock Duty Free shop, for cash conversion only. When you purchase U.S. or Canadian dollar at our location you will receive a percentage of your total purchase value back in Currency Cash. Minimum purchase of $100.00 Cdn.


The table below is not dictated by currency type.

$ Purchase between:                        And you will receive:

$100.00 to $249.99                           $1.00 Currency Cash

$250.00 to $499.00                           $2.00 Currency Cash

$500.00 to $749.00                           $3.00 Currency Cash

$750.00 to $999.99                           $4.00 Currency Cash


This currency will not be offered on sales of Blue Cross Travel Insurance.

Blue Cross Travel Insurance

We offer on-the-spot convenient, emergency medical care travel insurance plans. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that. Click Here to find out more!

Cash Converter Transactions will now be limited to less then $1000 per person per 24 hour period.

Also, customers purchasing $500 or more will be required to provide proof of identification. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to follow the appropriate regulations required to address the changing business environment.  

The following services are available seven days a week:


  • We offer competitive cash conversion rates

  • We offer preferred premiums on cash conversion

  • We sell Canadian and US cash

  • We provide Blue Cross Emergency Travel Insurance

  • We provide fast, efficient computerized service

  • We offer photocopying and faxing service

  • We offer pre-printed and custom mapping service

  • We offer cash advance on Canadian debit cards

  • We offer currency cash


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